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COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 is a polypeptide composed of glycine lysine histidine, also called tripeptide-1 copper.
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COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 is a polypeptide composed of glycine lysine histidine, so it is also called tripeptide-1 copper. COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 peptide stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, firming the skin and reducing fine lines. Restores skin repair ability, increases the production of intercellular mucus, and reduces skin damage. Stimulate the formation of glucose polyamine, increase skin thickness, and reduce skin looseness and firmness. Increase oxygen supply to skin. It assists in antioxidant enzyme SOD and has strong and favorable anti free radical function.

【Registration No.】:005807-06182-5260

【Maximum Usage】
 Resident Products:/;Rinsing Products:7.5%


【Function】:Anti oxidation, Anti wrinkle

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