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Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole).
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Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only  natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole). EGT has an absorption wavelength similar to that of DNA in the UV absorption range, which can effectively protect against UV damage. In addition, the chemical property of EGT is stable, which can be accumulated in the skin cells of the belly and is non-toxic.

【CAS No.】:497-30-3
【English Name】:L-Ergothioneine
【Maximum Levels】:30 mg/day for general population (excluding pregnant and lactating women) 20 mg/day for children older than 3 year

【Specification】: 98% Powder(Food Grade)

【Function】:Anti oxidation, Anti inflammation, Inhibition of heavy metal toxicity, Protection of brain from neurotoxins, Prevention of cognitive decline, Promotion of cell respiration and fat decomposition, Enhancement of physical strength and endurance during exercise.

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