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L-(+)-Ergothioneine(Standard) 0

Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole).
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Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only  natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole). EGT has an absorption wavelength similar to that of DNA in the UV absorption range, which can effectively protect against UV damage. EGT has a strong antioxidant capacity and can inhibit the formation of various oxidation active substances. It is widely used in functional skin care products, functional food, organ transplantation, cell preservation, eye surgery and other treatment processes.

【CAS No.】:497-30-3
【English Name】:L-Ergothioneine

【Specification】: 99.5% Powder

【Function】:Bioassay, content or potency determination of antibiotics or biochemical drugs.

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