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L-(+)-Ergothioneine(Cosmetic) 0

Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole).
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Ergothionine (L-(+)-Ergothioneine, EGT) is the only  natural 2-thioimidazole amino acid (2-thio-imidazole). EGT has an absorption wavelength similar to that of DNA in the UV absorption range, which can effectively protect against UV damage. In addition, the chemical property of EGT is stable, which can be accumulated in the skin cells of the belly and is non-toxic.

【CAS No.】:497-30-3
【English Name】:L-Ergothioneine
【Registration No.】:004576-06182-1518
【Maximum Usage】:Resident Products:/;Rinsing Products:7.5%

【Specification】: 5% Liquid ,98% Powder(Cosmetic Grade)
【Package】:Liquid  5Kg/Drun,Powder 0.5Kg/Bag

【Function】:Anti radiation, Whitening, Reduce wrinkles, Remove acne and eye bags, Shrink pores; Delay aging

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