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Founded in Hefei High-Tech Zone , Hechen Bioworks is a Synthetic-Biology enterprise focusing on the R&D and industrialization of functional active rawmaterials. The founding team graduated from China Pharmaceutical University, Jilin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other well-known universities. It has nearly 20 years of Engineering Technology Accumulation and rich industrialization experience in the field of functional active rawmaterials. Its business capabilities cover strain engineering, fermentation, extraction process, mass production,  formulation solutions, market channels, etc.

As a Synthetic-Biology enterprise, Hechen Bioworks is committed to the large-scale production and green manufacturing of key functional materials such as functional nutrients and bioactive ingredients through the construction and optimization of an efficient microbial cell factory. Compared with some conventional strain construction techniques, the company has established a set of efficient strain construction and screening technology platform based on Professor Xie Xixian's years of accumulation and the combination of rational metabolic transformation and irrational evolutionary engineering. The company's technical route organically integrates the advantages of rational construction methods and irrational screening methods, which can quickly obtain highly efficient engineering bacteria for product synthesis, with high genetic stability and great industrialization potential. In addition, the company will also focus on the preparation of functional active materials and functional formula research, solve the problems of stability, compatibility, bioavailability and other aspects of active functional factors in the application process, and provide the overall solution of technology application for many end customers in cosmetics, food and beverage, health products, animal and plant protection and other industries through the "Functional Rawmaterials+Formula Technology", Help terminal enterprise improve the competitive advantage of differentiated products.

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